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Prioritizing Wellness for Me!


Is Belly Fat Really Dangerous?

How dangerous just is belly fat? Can it cause diabetes, blood pressure issues, are even heart disease? Perhaps it will give you relief to know that with diet and exercise you can get a better handl...
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Does traveling really have health benefits?

Think about a person you know that does not travel often. This may even be you. In any event, has the person ever expressed a lack of happiness, feelings of depression or just down and can't figure...
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5 Tips to Maintain Mental Wellness

Mental Awareness is necessary just the same as check-ups for your physical health. When you take care of your mental wellness, the odds are increased of having great health overall. Read and apply ...
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Understanding Diabetes is Powerful!

It is very important to understand diabetes. There are small things that you can do daily to prevent diabetes. There are also things that you can do if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. It all...
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Having Trouble with Stubborn Belly Fat?

Are you having trouble with stubborn belly fat? Did you know that you can do five things to reduce that irritating fat? It is important to address reasons why stubborn belly fat is bad for our heal...
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